Purpose of role:
To assist the Facilities Manager and PW Engineer in inspecting and maintaining the
Museum’s one mile demonstration tramway. To provide manpower for larger engineering
projects as part of the Museum’s development strategy.
Specific role
• To take part in regular inspections of the permanent way in order to ensure the continued
safe operation of the tramway for the visiting public.
• To conduct regular maintenance tasks, e.g. lubricating point work, tightening fishplates.
• Under supervision to undertake remedial works, e.g. lifting and packing of sleepers.
• To conduct all necessary paperwork and records as required under the Railways and
Other Guided Transport Systems Regulations (ROGS) 2006.
• To work with other relevant personnel and contractors on larger projects. These often
take place during winter months when the Museum is closed to the public.
• To gain competencies in the safe operation of permanent way equipment and
engineering vehicles as required by the permanent way programme.
Please note: This role is based outdoors and can be physically demanding. A specific health
assessment and additional training may be required for certain safety critical tasks.
General role
• To act as a representative and ambassador for Crich Tramway Village and the National
Tramway Museum.
• To ensure the health and safety of visitors, volunteers and staff by following designated
• To work within the guidelines of the Volunteer Policy and related organisational policies
(i.e., Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Access, etc.).
Relevant qualities
• An enthusiastic attitude.
• Reliability and flexibility.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• An interest in / willingness to learn the technical matters of tramway engineering.
• An interest in the work of museums and tramway history.
Desirable skills and experience
• Experience of / willingness to work as part of a team.
• Pleasant, friendly manner, polite under pressure.
• Experience of heavy engineering.
• Experience of working outdoors and use of engineering tools / equipment.
• Experience of working around rail guided vehicles and personal track safety