Welcome to Exercise Roadshow Janine and Fay. Exercise Roadshow started as a little project when I was studying to be a health trainer. The aim was to make exercise, health and wellbeing fun. It was aimed at reaching out to those who would not normally exercise, the minority groups and the deprived areas of our community.. That journey then continued after I qualified. Eventually I went into exercise, this was not my plan (blame Fay for that lol) but I did and I don’t regret it. It has been a journey of ups, downs, tears, pain, frustration – you name it I’ve had it but it’s also been a journey of love.  We work together, and we work apart, but regardless we are linked.

We now need to increase our visibility via marketing, and require help looking at our social media/marketing  to help with our Facebook and Instagram pages. If you have any background were this is something you have done in work, or leisure and have a bit of time you can spare us. Then please get in touch and we can talk.