Volunteer Car Drivers (VCS):
Volunteer Car Drivers use their own car to take patients to and from hospital
These volunteers are an integral and valued part of the NEPTS division, providing a
valuable service to the community for patients with a medical need for transport, and who
would otherwise be unable to get to their appointments.
Volunteers need to be aged over 18, with access to a car, covered with comprehensive
insurance and kept in a good clean condition. They must have a full driving licence with no
more than 3 penalty points.

Volunteers are not paid for their duty, but are remunerated monthly, in arrears, for their
out-of-pocket expenses. Driving volunteers are also reimbursed for their mileage at 45p
per mile* for the first 10,000 miles they undertake on behalf of the Trust.
All expenses must be claimed using a Trust Volunteer expense claim form – expenses are
paid via transfer directly into the volunteer’s bank account.
Uniform, Equipment and Training:
Volunteers are provided with uniform polo shirts, a soft-shell jacket and photo ID, which
must be worn only when on duty. Volunteers are also provided with full level 2 PPE,
aligned to that worn by non-emergency ambulance service colleagues.
Induction and annual update training for volunteers may be completed either via the e-learning for health portal, via work-books which can be completed and posted back, or at
face to face workshops where additional support can be offered if required.
As part of our recruitment process we are obliged to apply for a Disclosure from the
Disclosure and Barring Service. Information about the Disclosure scheme is available via
this link.