Amber Valley Centre for Voluntary Services (AVCVS) is one of the most recognised charities in the area. We have a prominent home on Ripley marketplace and have helped provide volunteers to organisations throughout Amber Valley. Our charitable objective is’ We are proud to support our community and its people with voluntary action’.

If you share a passion for making a difference in people’s lives, then we would love to have you on our board of Trustee’s.

We are looking to recruit Trustees who will help us to steer our Annual Performance Plan, enabling us to enhance the lives of people who live in Amber Valley.

The role of a trustee, according to the Charity Commision is to;

ensure a charity is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit

comply with our charity’s governing document and the law

act in our charity’s best interests

manage our charity’s resources responsibly

ensure our charity is accountable

We would love to hear from you if you have any of the following qualities

Experience of Health and Social care

Strategic and business planning knowledge

Have empathy with those in need within Amber Valley

Vision, enthusiasm, excellent interpersonal skills, and effective communication skills

Managerial skills

Accountancy, information technology, marketing and the law

We operate as a non-profit making organisation so you will need to have a business head but charitable heart to help make decisions about our finances. Be prepared to be astounded at the range of activity which we are involved in and to help us take directions.

If you believe you have the necessary skills, commitment and can add real value to the role of a Trusteeof AVCVS, we welcome an application from you.