What will you be doing? What are we looking for? What difference will you make?
Passionate, energetic people who can organise things and get things done, and people who can identify
others and mobilise them to organise events. We really need people who can work as a team and really get stuck into the very exciting role. Organised, passionate, full of energy and able to motivate and excite
people. If this is you, we’d love to talk to you. This is a home based role, so you can live anywhere in England and Wales. It’s up to you and depends on what opportunities you can find or make, but we’d love you to be really busy! We always need people to collect tools and refurbish them, but without the funds to run our vans and keep our Refurbishment Centres operating, nothing would happen. Shipping to Africa costs a lot of money and again, we need the funds to do it. This is why the Community Champion is so important, and this is the difference you will make, because nothing happens without the people willing to ask for the funds to run the charity.

You will work within your local community, Church, or community group to promote TWAM and help raise the funds we need to keep the tools flowing. You will organise events of all kinds or find others to do them for you, from music nights to traditional coffee mornings. You’ll get pull-up banners, leaflets, resources and loads of support from everyone at TWAM from the Volunteering Coordinator and the
Fundraising and Communications Officer to your local TWAM Tool Ambassadors and Community
Ambassadors. Overall, you’ll be telling everyone how great TWAM is are and why we need their support.

The main role of a Community Champion is to help raise support in their community for TWAM. This will mean organising events (or finding people to organise them) such as coffee mornings, quiz nights, open gardens and all sorts of creative ways to fundraise. It means keeping an eye on what is going on in the
community and perhaps finding people to enter sponsored events such as fun runs, 10Ks, walks for
TWAM. It will include working with our other volunteers to arrange events such as TWAM evenings with coffee and cake or a buffet. Community Fundraisers need to be people with big ideas and the energetic enthusiasm to see them through.