Our aim is to help vulnerable people to create and maintain healthy and ‘homely’ living.

We are delighted to be developing a friendly and welcoming team of volunteers to support people who have been referred to us. Needs include; befriending (visiting and phone) and practical support in many forms, including de-cluttering, simple DIY, gardening, painting and decorating, and signposting. We have provided Care Packages to households who are experiencing severe financial distress in the forms of cleaning, laundry and emergency items, and a wellbeing gift to makes lives brighter. The reactions and genuine feedback we receive is heart-warming. There is no time commitment, volunteering with us fits in around life, and no experience is necessary for volunteers, just kindness.

Our Volunteers help households by:

*Improving their mental health & wellbeing by improving their environment and turning living accommodation into somewhere they feel is a ‘home’.

*Reducing their loneliness and isolation (and improve their mental health & wellbeing) through regular contact, introducing connections and befriending.

*Improving their confidence, self-esteem and physical health.

*Improving their general life skills e.g., organising the home, cleaning, etc.

*Accessing specialist support needed to address issues and barriers they are facing.

*Widening networks of relationships and accessing the health, social, leisure and educational opportunities available to them within the community.

Every household is different!

We have been inundated with referrals for people who are genuinely vulnerable and in need of help. It may be a room that needs some TLC to make it into a happy place to be, a stair gate needs fitting for a single mum with a young family, a rug needed for a room with a concrete floor, or a visit or phone call to a person who is feeling isolated.

We’re sure to find an opportunity for you to support in an area that you enjoy.

‘Friends of New Leaf’…

We have a fabulous group of people, who are not fully fledged practical, visiting volunteers but are wonderfully helpful in many other ways – like by donating items that are needed at the time (bedding or crockery for example), contributing information and ideas, holding events like coffee mornings, and raising awareness through word of mouth and leaflets.

Volunteering with us is a cheerful experience and is incredibly rewarding, improving people’s wellbeing makes everyone smile.

If you’d like to be part of the vital work we do in communities all over Derby and Derbyshire, or to find out more, please call Michele on 07449 721 710 or email hello@newleafderbyshire.co.uk.