We are looking for people who like to be active, you may enjoy visiting groups/activities/events, and who would enjoy sharing what they find.

You will go to local groups and share public health information via a newsletter and word of mouth, so that anyone attending or those that the people know can pass this information on. This can be around public services or organisations that help e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, NHS… This strengthens the community and allows everyone to learn about all the services available in their area. At the same time you may hear of issues happening in your area not being addressed, which can be passed back and given to the right people to deal with.

We will train you, and pay expenses although you only work in the local area to you. I will escort you to begin with if required. This gives you a reason to search out your neighbourhood and find those little gems that you did not know about. Come and join us, help us to help you, help others.